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For just couple of months left in our calendar, we should start looking over planning for the upcoming year 2016. SEO is always the number one thing that comes on the mind of every business owners. In addition to that, it also becomes very prevalent especially that we are getting closer on the ripping pages of our 2015 calendar. Usually, Google as well as those other search engine already have plans on how they are

Have you ever take the time of improving the style, design and look of your website? If not, then it is about time for you to upgrade and improve your website. Ponder on the latest website trend in 2016 and be at par of those competitors online. In order to give you with more ideas on how to update and improve your website, here are the latest website trend in 2016 you need to be

A country like Saudi Arabia is currently a had booming market in the Middle East right now with so many opportunities for the people who want to market and sell their products or services in the region. In this article, we are going to discuss about the digital marketing Saudi Arabia. As a lot of people know, Saudi Arabia is a country which is ripe when it comes to opportunities in digital marketing. They have

A responsive web design adjusts the overall content and format of a website in order for it to match the screen of the device used by the visitor. People hardly use their personal computers and laptops today to access e-commerce platforms and social networking websites. They use their smartphones and tablets more often as these devices are more functional and portable. A responsive web design can make a great difference in the way people see

KACST or King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, one of the world’s biggest laboratories in the world, was completed in September 2009. This research center in Saudi Arabia serves as the focal point of the new economic city in meeting the goal of the country, which is to expand the country’s economy. Well-known for its rich stock of oil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia high desire to transform as soon as possible from being

Hajj & Umrah Mobile Application

Hajj & Umrah Mobile Application A Hajj 2014 Mobile Application is available free for this year. Few Features: Interactive Guide for Hajj and Umrah Rituals All Duas or supplication that you are required to perform, based on your day, time and location It will also show the path from one ritual to another ritual Lost and Found Services Friends: A Pilgrim can locate his friends and family members in real-time and also see the path

In running a business, it is always vital to save up on expenses as it affects the end profits greatly. There should always be a solution or alternative to meet requirements at low costs without having to compromise with the quality of work. Evidently, this is something that is generally realized by every individual or institution in the business industry. Rightfully so, there is no end to the continuous efforts for the pursuit of cost-effective

One of the most competitive tasks today is doing the right Search Engine Optimization. In fact, SEO specialists are highly sought for at present times in recognition to their skills in getting websites to rank high in search engines. SEO may not be that easy, but it is one of the most important aspects of web development that one cannot do without. Write original and unique content. In short, write great content. It is only

Website trends tend to change constantly. This is usually brought about by the preference of individuals, by studies, and even researches. In fact, the trends could even be influenced by the personal preference of many individuals from all over the world. But enough of where these trends came from. Whether they came from the ideals and emotions of a group, or they have been really studied on by some other people, they surely are worth

Web development is a term that relates to several aspects of the process of creating websites. It encompasses a wide range that includes several methodologies from the most straightforward set of plain text to the most complicated web-based applications. Though web design is partially a part of web development, the misconception that the two is one and the same should be averted. Clients who need the service of one of the two may end up

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